Overseas Support Center

Overseas Support Center

In 2017, the JWRF decided to change its internal organizational structure to strengthen its activities for solving problems of waste management and 3R in developing countries, and thus created "The Support Center for Overseas Waste Management Business" (Overseas Support Center) specifically working for such the challenges.

Activities of Overseas Support Center include:

Mobilization of Japan's Waste Management and 3R Technologies

On behalf of Japan's Ministry of the Environment, Overseas Support Center evaluates and selects project proposals by private business, and provides financial assistance for FS studies selected.

In addition, Overseas Support Center provides services, which are commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan, to support the overseas expansion of Japanese Waste Management and Recycling Industries.

Japan's local governments and/or their special district authorities have played important roles in the course of mobilizing Japan's waste management and 3R technologies to developing countries. They will be an integral part for further mobilization of the technologies. Thus, a new project commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment started in 2019 to develop a policy package aiming at supporting their activities and strengthening the network among local governments and special district authorities concerned. A new web-site (Japanese language and the net-member bodies only), JWIC-NET is being developed.

Waste Management and 3R Seminar

Since 2018, Overseas Support Center has organized a series of seminars to update the member companies on the topics relating to waste management and 3R in and outside Japan.

The major topics of seminars in Japan include:

Participation in G to G and other events

In 2019,

In 2020,

In 2022,