Promotion of 3R/ CE

Promotion of 3R/ CE

The JWRF is carrying out activities to raise awareness among citizens, local governments and private businesses by enhancing understanding and opinion exchange

"Holding opinion exchange meetings with citizens and local governments, etc. on 3R of containers and packaging

The JWRF held seminars in various parts of Japan where citizens, businesses, and local governments participated together to provide information through lectures and to exchange opinions.
The seminars were held under the theme of promoting container and packaging recycling and the 3Rs in order to expand the circle of cooperation and collaboration among the various entities and to further deepen understanding.

Activities as 3R Activity Promotion Forum

With a wide range of partnerships, the JWRF is carrying out various activities such as the National Convention for 3R Promotion held with Ministry of the Environment and relating local governments, various seminars and lectures for local governments, businesses and citizens, the 3R Promotion Poster Contest for elementary and junior high school students, and nominations for Minister of the Environment Award.
These activities are for the purpose to create a recycling-oriented society through the 3R: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Email Newsletter "3R/Waste NEWS"

The JWRF distributes a monthly email Newsletter, "3R/Waste NEWS", which contains information on waste and 3R. (Japanese version only)