Plastic waste

Plastic waste

Technical survey for design certification of plastic-containing products

JWRF has been designated by the competent ministers as a Designated Survey Institution on April 27, 2022, based on "The Plastic Resource Circulation Act" and is conducting technical surveys (design surveys) on compatibility with the Design Guidelines for Plastic-containing Products.

Program on the promotion of advanced resource recycling equipment installation for building of a decarbonized society

The JWRF is implementing financial assistance program on the installation of advanced resource recycling equipment for CO2 emission reduction. The purpose of this program is to reduce the emission of energy-derived CO2 in the entire recycling process of end-of-life products, as well as to quantitatively expand products that could not be recycled in the past, or to supply higher-quality recycled materials.

The project to promote the achievement of multi-benefits for decarbonization through the effective use of waste energy

The JWRF has implemented the financial assistance project to achieve multi-benefits such as regional resilience improvement, revitalization by recycling resources and energy within the region and prevention of outflow of funds to the outside of the region.
To be certified this project it was required for a private company to introduce facilities for highly efficient energy recovery of waste heat and production of fuel from waste, and to conclude an agreement with the local government on the receiving of disaster waste.

Activities as 3R Activity Promotion Forum

With a wide range of partnerships, 3R Promotion Forum (the JWRF serves as the secretariat) is carrying out various activities such as the "3R Promotion National Convention", the "3R Promotion Poster Contest" for elementary and junior high school students, nominations for the "Minister of the Environment's Award for Achievement in Promoting a Recycling-based Society", and various seminars and lectures for local governments, businesses and citizens, cooperated with Ministry of the Environment and relating local governments.
The purpose of these activities is to create a recycling-oriented society through the 3R: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Program on the introduction of advanced equipment for CO2-saving recycling

The JWRF has implemented the financial assistance program to introduce advanced recycling equipment that saves CO2. The purpose of this program is to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions throughout the recycling process of used products and to improve the recovery efficiency of recycled resources.